Body Wraps - Unwind Yourself, Look and Feel Younger

The Essence

Thai Body Wraps is a method of the traditional Thai soothing treatment wherein the body is enveloped in a thermal wrap, using an effective combination of untreated herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils.

Body Wraps is emerging as one of the most popular treatments across the world for strengthening metabolism, stimulating blood circulation, and enhancing the skin tone.

What Anna Day Spa Offers

At Anna Day Spa, we start the Body Wraps treatment with a rapid hands-to-toes exfoliation by using a medicinal paste concocted with herbal ingredients.

The next step is covering your body in a warm masque made of multiple kinds of clays mixed with relaxing coconut milk. Your are cocooned and allowed to unwind as the masque does its work of drawing toxins from your body.

Finally, you are treated to an application of a smooth cream made out of lemongrass and coconut that dries up the moisture, making your muscles stress-free.

How You Benefit

The Body Wraps treatment at Anna Day Spa is developed and enhanced to bring to you a number of benefits, such as:
• Softer, healthier, younger looking skin
• Improved skin tone
• Freedom from joint pains
• Body detoxification
• Stimulated blood circulation
• Feeling refreshed, energized
• Natural body radiance

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