The Origins

The Thai Foot Reflexology, also known as the Thai Foot Massage, has its roots in the Thai wats (temples), where it was practiced by Buddhist monks in the ancient times. It has been deeply influenced by the reflexology systems practised for over 1,000 years.

What Anna Day Spa Offers

Anna Day Spa offers Thai Foot Reflexology treatment by employing an exclusive type of Thai balm and stick, complemented by a wide range of proven massage techniques. The stick made of teak wood is effective in rendering acupressure for stimulating specific organ reflex points on the soles of your feet.

The next step is covering your body in a warm Our qualified therapists ensure that the balm gives the desired effect, by using soothing two-handed palm and circular massage movements; thumb pressures; and stretches. They understand that every individual is different, and require a distinctive approach for providing treatment.

In a short session, we may not use the stick, and focus more on exterior stimulation of reflex points and elongated hand strokes.

How You Benefit

Anna Day Spa's well-researched techniques and experts ensure that you get multiple benefits, which include: is developed and enhanced to bring to you a number of benefits, such as:
• Freedom from aches, tension
• Enhanced flexibility of feet, joints
• Speedy physical cleansing, healing
• Better mood and mental focus
• Natural detoxification
• Sounder sleep
• Improved immunity
• Decreased stiffness

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